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Random natural stones

Hellikonas White

Hellikonas White

Marble, Greece

Royston White

Royston White

Granite, United States
Small grain white to silver consistent granite with black flecks.



Marble, Turkey
This Triassic aged marble is lithologically a limestone. Metamorphic schists of Triassic are found at the basement. These consist of calcite minerals of unit sizes varying between 0,3-0,5 mm showing pressure twinning and some small calcite crystals of unit sizes less than 0,01mm. Sample consisted of calcite crystals with sizes varying between 300 microns and 500 microns showing pressure twinning and some microcrystalline (smaller than 10 microns) calcite minerals.



Limestone, Philippines
Light to medium cream background, gold veined.

Stone Supplier highlights

Tulsi Marbles Pvt Ltd


2 Stones on Market

Tulsi Marbles PVT. LTD. is a leading processor and exporter of premium quality marbles and granites. Established in 1965, Tulsi Marbles PVT. LTD. is a leading name in India as the quarry owner, processor, wholesaler, importer and exporter of Marbles and Granites.

Market Activity

A company from Romania is requesting 2000m² in Kashmir White 60x60x1cm tiles

400m² in Perlato Di Sicilia 200x150x2cm slabs by A company from Sudan.
400m² in Emerald Pearl 200x150x2cm slabs by A company from Sudan.
500m² in Imperial White 274x160x3cm slabs by A company from India.
4500ft² in Marbre Noir De Golzinne 240x120x30" slabs by A company from Kuwait.
1600m² in Balmoral Red Coarse Grained 60x30x2cm tiles by Someone in Belarus.

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