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Random natural stones

Big Flower White

Big Flower White

Granite, China

Nuovo Brocatello

Nuovo Brocatello

Marble, Italy

Sienite Della Balma

Sienite Della Balma

Granite, Italy

Classico Beige

Classico Beige

Limestone, Indonesia

Afyon White

Afyon White

Marble, Turkey
It consists of calcite crystals of granoblastic texture. Being mainly white, it contains occasional yellow veins. The sample showed granoblastic and localy polygonal texture and consists of calcite crystals, some sericite and very little quartz.

Stone Supplier highlights



9 Stones on Market

We are professional stone manufacturer in China, we have two granite and three marble quarries: G654, G603,panda white,black antique wood white wood has two factories in China, specializing in the production of marble and granite, we mainly produce: granite G654, G603 plank and paving stone, marble, panda white, new Slavic white, big slab.

Venice Stone


3 Stones on Market

Consultation, design, (mass) production, installation, observation and after sale services related to natural stone. We use high technology machinery and smart stuff to help you to get best results.



10 Stones on Market

About Our Company We are Global Impex Private Limited. Under the brand name of Stone Factory TM we export INDIAN natural stones. We have in our portfolio all Indian stones like Sandstones, Limestone, Slates & Quartzites etc. Each Indian stone type offers various colors which is unmatched to any other country stones. Using stones we make different

Market Activity

A company from Kenya is requesting 700ft² in Sinai Pearl (or similar) 5x5x500" tiles

2 Nh Red 120x160x2 800ft blocks by Someone in Taiwan.
16m³ in Red Bark 2x2x3m blocks by A company from Pakistan.
50000ft² in Amarelo Veneziano (or similar) 8.0x9.0x1.2ft slabs by A company from United States.
14000m² in Statuario Venato (or similar) 1.6x60.0x60.0cm tiles by Someone in Hong Kong.
3000m² in Rosa Monforte 280x180x2cm slabs by Someone in Algeria.

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