Sell Natural-Stone

You don't have access to this area. In order to sell in our Market (receive Market Requests from potential costumers) go to the Market Checklist and check if all the required items are OK.

When StoneExpoZone receives a specific request about a stone, it automatically delivers the request to all stone companies with this stone inserted in the company's profile. 

The request is first delivered to stone companies that have the stone visible in the public profile. If one of this companies reply, we stop delivering the request to other stone companies. However, if none of those companies reply, the request is sent again, now to stone companies that have the stone not visible in public profile. That is the reason why it is important to update the stones you trade even if you're not a SmallBiz or Professional Member.

If you have received requests, they should be in your "New" box as requests sent to your company. Only requests replied already by you will be in the following categories (In progress, accepted, Finished or Lost).

If you want to make a request to the market search thru our extensive Stone database, choose the stone you want to buy and use the "Request Quote" option.

To sell stone products directly in the site it is not possible yet. We will  develop an auction for that purpose and will advise you when available.


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