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Random natural stones

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy

Granite, India

Taurus Black Marble

Taurus Black Marble

Marble, Turkey
Marble contained macro and micro broken fossil fragments, minor amount of dolomite amd microquartz in calcite-bearing carbonate matrix. Filling minerals are calcite and limonite in secondary fractures.

Cold Spring Black

Cold Spring Black

Granite, Canada
Coarse grains.



Limestone, France
Rough medium grain pitted texture with or without the remains of shells

Schleeriether Sandstein

Schleeriether Sandstein

Sandstone, Germany

Stone Supplier highlights

Xiamen Kungfu Stone Ltd


5 Stones on Market

Kungfu Stone Ltd founded 2011 year(Xiamen Kungfu Stone Ltd founded 2015 year), which specialize in Chinese Marble Production and Export,Kungfu Stone is a stone trading company that more than 8 years and with own natural stone factory,stone countertop,stone fountain,stone statue, marble tile,Chinese granite,etc

Doce Briza Lda.


4 Stones on Market

We are an Angola based stone company, supplier and worldwide exporter of natural stones such as Granite Negro Angola, Grey and Pink Granite & white Quartzite. Quarry owners, selling blocks and slabs of stone. If you have any questions, please let us know

sté Marmori stone


Marmori stone is the supplier and exporter of natural stones such as marble, limestone . all our products are sourced from the highest quality which exceed all international standards.

Market Activity

Someone in United Arab Emirates is requesting 800m² in Gemlik Diabase (or similar) 2.5x1.4x0.0m slabs

400m² in Blue Flower White (or similar) 2cm slabs by Someone in Macedonia.
3000m² in Amarelo De Fonte De Arcada 280x160x2cm slabs by Someone in Algeria.
70m in Multicolor South (or similar) 305x15cm free length by A company from China.
78ft in Green Slate (or similar) 12x6ft free length by Someone in Guyana.
8500 Multicolor Slate 500x250x5cm tiles by Someone in United States.

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