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Random natural stones

Azul Transmontano

Azul Transmontano

Granite, Portugal
Coarse grained porphyroid biotite granite, greyish coloured, characterized by the large size and abundance of feldspar megacrystals, generally with badly defined shapes. Rock with porphyroid texture and granular hypidiomorphic matrix.

Vidraço De Ataíja Azul

Vidraço De Ataíja Azul

Limestone, Portugal
Grey limestone, finely claciclastic. Pelmicrosparite (Calciclastic limestone)

Pink Sandstone

Pink Sandstone

Sandstone, India



Sandstone, Austria

African Juparana

African Juparana

Granite, South Africa

Stone Supplier highlights



One of our main Exports are Egyptian Marble and Granite. Our main office is in China and we have Brokers around Egypt, UAE and Australia.



10 Stones on Market

About Our Company We are Global Impex Private Limited. Under the brand name of Stone Factory TM we export INDIAN natural stones. We have in our portfolio all Indian stones like Sandstones, Limestone, Slates & Quartzites etc. Each Indian stone type offers various colors which is unmatched to any other country stones. Using stones we make different

Venice Stone


3 Stones on Market

Consultation, design, (mass) production, installation, observation and after sale services related to natural stone. We use high technology machinery and smart stuff to help you to get best results.

Market Activity

Someone in United States is requesting 550 Pink Of Lafkos 24x16x6" slabs

5000 New Coral Mist (or similar) 15x15x10cm tiles by Someone in Gambia.
600m² in American Mahogany (or similar) 200x70x2cm slabs by Someone in Ecuador.
400m² in Blue Pearl 180x280x2cm slabs by Someone in Turkey.
500m² in Imperial White 274x160x3cm slabs by A company from India.
5000m in Aphrodisias White 30x2cm free length by Someone in Israel.

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