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Of course, you are very welcome simply to visit our site. But there are a number of reasons why you might like to register. First, you will see much more details in our databases of Natural Stones and Stone suppliers. As a registered user, you'll be able to make requests concerning natural stones. But most importantly, by registering you'll have access to the replies to your requests.

StoneExpoZone Market

StoneExpoZone doesn't sell or buy stone. StoneExpoZone receives requests of specific stones from our visitors and distributes those requests to the stone companies inscribed in the site. These requests are always related to a specific stone and they are delivered to stone companies connected to that stone. That is the reason why stone companies should update their company profile and make the connections to the stones they trade.

After a buyer inserts a Market Request (a request for quote or information), the Market Broker distributes the request to eligible suppliers (companies that sell the specified stone). After this point, the seller replies and starts to discuss the details of the deal directly with the buyer.

Zero Comissions

Unlike other B2B portals, StoneExpoZone charges absolutely no commissions on your trades. If you're a member (SmallBiz or Professional accounts) you'll receive requests concerning the stones your company is linked and you'll be allowed to see the contacts of the person that made the request. 

For Buyers

If you are looking to buy Natural Stone use our Market! 

To start buying search thru our extensive Stone database and use the "Request Quote" option.


For Sellers

Nobody have access to all requests of the site. You can only receive requests related to the stones you trade. Please, verify your company's stones to be sure you're already related to the stones you want.


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