Alishan(China) Stone Crafts Co.,Ltd

Stone Companies from China, Jiangxi

1-403 Dongnan Ind Zone,Shuitou,Nan`an
362342 Quanzhou
Jiangxi, China

Alishan(China) Stone Crafts Co.,Ltd professionally manufacture and export natural stone and engineered stone products.We deal with rich colors of Granite, Marble,Slate,Prefab Countertops Vanity top,Stone Sink,Waterjet Medallion, Mosaic,Landscape Stone,Fireplace Sculpture,Culture Stone Panel, Engineered Stone competiti

Company TypeStone Companies

ActivitiesCubes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Export, Handcraft, Monuments, Slabs and Tiles

Headquarters in Jiangxi, China


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