Borrello Stone Co., Ltd. China

Stone Companies from China, Shandong Sheng

NO 162 wenchang south road Laizhou city, Shandong province, China
261400 Laizhou
Shandong Sheng, China

China Shandong Borrellostone as one leading professional natural stone company mainly deal with granite , sandstone , limestone products , situated in Shandong province , North of China. Base on our local abundance stone quarries, we produce wide range of stone products, which 100% supply to Europe market. include: Til

Company TypeStone Companies

ActivitiesCubes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Extraction, Funerary Arts, Handcraft, Import, Monuments, Other, Other, Slabs, Tiles, Trading and Transformation

Headquarters in Shandong Sheng, China


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