Fujian Jianming Stone Co,.Ltd

Stone Companies from China, Fujian

Unit2101,B Zhenhua Building,No.61 Dongdu Road,Huli District,Xiame, Fujian, China
361012 Xiamen
Fujian, China

Jianming company is a factory direct supplier of stone products such as tiles, slabs, coutertops, vanities, cut-to-sizes, pavers, stone carvings, garden ornaments,monuments and memorials etc.,which was found in 1992. If you find any items hit upon your business lines, please don\'t hesitate to contact me

Company TypeStone Companies

ActivitiesCubes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Funerary Arts, Monuments, Slabs and Tiles

Headquarters in Fujian, China


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