Makish(Yunfu) Stone Co.,Ltd.

Stone Companies from China, Guangdong Sheng

Guojing Road, Luosha Town,Yuncheng District, Yunfu City, China
527300 Yunfu
Guangdong Sheng, China

Makish (Yunfu) stone co., Ltd. is an exclusively foreign-owned enterprise under jurisdiction of Hong Kong Makish Group with a registration capital of RMB 300,000,000. Our company is specializing at research & development, manufacturing, engineering project finish matching and stone sale. We have a regular inventory of stones up to two hundred thous

Company TypeStone Companies

ActivitiesCut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Extraction, Slabs, Tiles, Trading and Transformation

Headquarters in Guangdong Sheng, China


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