Shunsen Industries Corporation

Stone Companies from China, Fujian

Room 1202, No.16,Hubin(w) Rd. Siming District
361004 Xiamen
Fujian, China

Our stone products include: 1) Nano Crystallized glass panel (Nanoglass) 2) Crystal Jade Stone (marmoglass without holes, non-porous marmoglass) 3) Crystal Stone (Porous Marmoglass, marmoglass with holes) 4) Artificial Granite 5) Artificial Quartz 6) Artificial Onyx 7) Natural Granite 11) Water-jet Medallion, Mosaic

Company TypeStone Companies

ActivitiesCut-to-Size, Export, Other, Other, Slabs, Tiles and Trading

Headquarters in Fujian, China


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