Stone Companies from China, Fujian

Unit 809, Huijin Huli BLDG, No.966-968 Anling Road, Xiamen, China
361010 XIAMEN
Fujian, China

THINKROCK1.THINKROCK STONE- Granite & Marble, Sandstone, Limestone, Travertine, Natural stone products.G603,G654,G684,cut to size,floor tile,wall tile,facade,kerbstone.2.Lightweight Panels-Aluminum honeycomb panel,sun louver system,stone honeycomb panel, stone composite panel,stone sandwich panel.

Company TypeStone Companies


ActivitiesCubes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Extraction, Funerary Arts, Handcraft, Monuments, Slabs and Tiles

Headquarters in Fujian, China


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