Market FAQ

We answer to some of the frequent questions asked by our members about the market.

How does the market works?
A user introduces a request related to a stone. We distribute that request to the stone companies inscribed in the site that are related to that specific stone.

Why can't I see all requests?
No one can see all requests. Those requests are filtered for you. You only receive the ones that may be of interest. The ones that concern the stones your company is related with. To check the stones you're related with go to Stones in your profile.

Do I receive requests of stones that are not in my list?
It can happen. When a request is made concerning a stone that has no direct suppliers, we forward that request to other stone companies that belong to the same country of the origin of the stone and that are trading with similar type of materials (other granites or marbles, etc...).

I only receive requests if I'm a paying member?
No. It can happen that we don't have a paying member linked to a specific stone in our databases or that our paying members declined to respond to the request. In that case, the request may be forwarded to non members of the site. However, to see the contacts of the person who made the request or to reply to a specific request you must always be a paying member. 

How do i know if I have received a request?
StoneExpoZone sends you an email alert when that happens. However, you can configure those alerts in email notifications in your profile. You can define if you only want to receive them on working days, everyday or weekly (Monday). You can also configure your account not to receive any alerts.

Can I contact directly the person that has made a request?
Yes. By being a paying member you have access to the contacts of the person that made the request, so it is up to you if you do it or not. However, we have a powerful tool in the site that allows you to interact with the buyer/seller and we save all interactions between the seller and the buyer for consultation.

Can the buyer consult my contacts?
Yes, but only if you reply to the buyer concerning a specific request.


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