Companies FAQ

We answer to some of the frequent questions asked by our members concerning the company profile.

How can I create a new company on StoneExpoZone?
Posting your company's profile is very easy and completely FREE of cost. All you need to do is to go to My Company profile and fill out the fields of the form.  

Can I change any/all of the company's profile information?
You can change all information in your company's profile if you have permissions to do it. If you were invited to participate in this company's team, your administrator may have not given you access to change the profile.

How can I attach the logo of my company?
Adding a photo to your logo increases the visibility in StoneExpoZone. You are likely to receive more feedback if you attach a logo. To attach a logo all you need to do is follow the following steps:

Login to your account and choose profile
Click on Replace logo
Search the logo you want to upload and click on upload.

For what "My Team" is useful for?
My Team is useful to allow you to know which users are connected to your company. It is also important to invite team members to your company or delete them from your company. If you are the administrator of a company, you can invite other persons to be part of your team. You will need to define if that person is allowed to change the company profile, if he can add or remove members, if he can buy on the market or even sell on the market (if your company is a stone company). You should only invite persons that are allowed to see the requests received or sent by your company. 

What is Badges and why are they important for my company?
A Badge is a reciprocal link between your site and StoneExpoZone. They are important to both our companies because the visibility of our sites will be increased by the search engines. It is also important because your company will have a free way to increase visibility in our site. 


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