Membership FAQ

We answer to some of the frequent questions asked by our members about their membership.

How can I improve my visibility in StoneExpoZone?
You can do a lot of things, some of them are free of charge. The best way is to see the checklist and follow the instructions.

Where can I see the price list of being a member?
Only stone companies can be members. If you are in this site a stone company, you can see the price list to be member. Just go to subscriptions.

Can I test if the market works before I pay?
Yes. The site has a lot of features working without any payment and even you can have access to the market zone without paying. So, you can test it. But you're not allowed to reply a request or see the contacts of the buyer if you're not a paying member. Why don't you pay only a month of subscription? Afterwards, you can decide if the money spent was an investment or a cost. Check the prices on subscriptions

If I want to continue as member, can I make another payment anytime?
Yes. You don't need to wait until the end of the subscription to continue as member. You can do it whenever you want because we discount the days left in your actual subscription when you renovate.

Do I have to make a payment each month?
If you want to, you can. However, we developed ways for you to auto-renew monthly or yearly. If you auto-renew monthly, you have a discount of 10%. If you do it yearly, you'll have a discount of 35%. It is up to you to decide what will be the best way to pay.

Why I don't see any stones in my public profile although I'm inscribed in a lot of stones?
Because you're not a paying member. With a smallbiz account, your public profile will show up to 10 stones.

Why do I have only ten stones in my public profile although I'm inscribed in a lot stones more?
Because you have a SmallBiz account. You need to upgrade to a Professional Account to have up to 50 stones in your public profile.


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